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Inspect Before You List

Benefits of Seller Inspections
Many top real estate professionals are advising their clients to have a professional inspection performed prior to preparing the home for listing.


Fewer surprises for both the buyer and the seller
Fewer surprises mean less opportunity for disagreement and less likelihood that the transaction will fall through.

Improves your selling position
By having appropriate repairs and/or replacements made up front, the home will show better and may actually draw a higher price.

Avoids having to negotiate repairs
The seller can let the buyer know, up front, what they are willing to repair before the contract is signed.

• Seller chooses who will do the repairs
Many times a handyman can be used for the repairs, which is often less costly than a licensed contractor that the buyer may insist upon. This savings alone could more than recover the cost of the pre-listing inspection.

Shows good faith in carrying out the disclosure requirements
A pre-listing inspection communicates to the buyer that the seller is willing to disclose everything, thereby paving the way for smoother, more agreeable negotiations.

Regardless of the market conditions, an inspection performed prior to listing the property should make the property more attractive to buyers. The findings become part of the seller’s disclosures. This should substantially reduce the potential for litigation.

Contact my office for a fast quote on your pre-listing inspection.

Inspect before you list


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